2nd Saturday Birth Chats with Cat Lightfoot

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Join the sacred global circle in Zoom webinar platform where you can ask any sacred feminine birth and pregnancy related questions and connect with other women who are preparing for sacred, instinctual birth.

What you can expect:

  • Opening Centering meditation which may include breathing techniques, visualizations, and other energy healing methods for cleansing, restoring and/or connecting
  • Discussions will center around how to prepare for an instinctual, undisturbed pregnancy and birth*
  • Closing Birth Song and Blessing

Who?  Any woman interested in instinctual, undisturbed birth regardless of planned birth site, freebirth, midwife-attended birth, planned unassisted- all welcome.

When?  we will gather on the 2nd Saturday each month at 10am Hawaiian time on the Zoom platform which can be accessed on your phone, desktop, mobile and tablet devices. There will also be options for dial-in audio only.

Register: Our global birth chats will have a limited number of participants in order to facilitate everyone being able to ask or share, so please register by donating a love offering amount between $1-$20 to secure your spot and receive the monthly link and password.

Donate via paypal (send as family) to lightfootbirth  (at)  and include the date/month with which you would like to join the call.

Snail mail is also available, please email me or contact me in order to get placed on the invite list and receive the address to send your payment.


*obviously we will not be able to cover all topics for a well-informed, conscious, self-directed pregnancy & birth… but each call will be an opportunity for another piece of the full puzzle that you are gathering for yourself!




Listen to my mentor Sister MorningStar on this podcast:

Wisdom is passed on by women through story telling. The power of that wisdom within women became a source of respect and fascination for me in early childhood. With strong Cherokee roots, our matriarchal heritage provided me with daily opportunities to see the strength, brilliance, great love and instinctual life of my Great Grand Mother, Grand Mother and Mother—and to learn from them.

power of women bookThree decades as a midwife protecting instinctual birth among native peoples recreated in me the power of story telling. Within the journey of pregnancy and birth, as well as all other aspects of our lives, women are deeply affected by a story—far more than a fact. Each of our lives is a powerful story. And in pregnancy and birth our senses are heightened as we create a powerful part of our life’s story. We wonder what our story will be. Oh how we long for a beautiful and powerful story!


four baskets pic with wordsFour Baskets workshop

This process takes you back to the time of your conception and birth into this lifetime- unlocking stuck energy, and healing your primary foundation- everything you experienced during the time of your Four Baskets (conception to 6 hours after birth) sets the foundation for how you will experience life. Nearly every One on this planet at this time has some unresolved energy (sometimes even trauma and shock) from their birth that can obscure access to your authentic being. I have adapted and integrated teachings and processes from various pathways to help resolve and repattern prenatal and birth trauma.

This process allows opportunity for greater Awareness, Connection to your divine/source/higher self and basking in the transformative healing energy – which does the work of clearing, releasing, opening, transmuting…. we simply see, ask & allow whatever needs to happen.

Catherine Lightfoot  was initiated at Oneness University in India to lead this course. Her sacred work as a community midwife and training with Sister MorningStar gives her a unique perspective for these teachings and this process. She enjoys offering gentle, peaceful earth landings for babies in her care.

Once we have received your deposit, we will email you to confirm your registration and will send the location address and a list of what to bring.
(Additional Love Offering donations will be received joyously at the event for those who wish to offer more)

equal exchange Love Offering $20-$50 Suggested

*Contact me to be added to the email list or to suggest a venue for an upcoming workshop!