Protecting the 4 Baskets

I received my calling to midwifery nearly a decade ago, when on a spiritual pilgrimage to India. There I was given the ancient vedic teachings of the 4 Baskets, which refer to the timeframes of conception, pregnancy, birth, and the immediate postpartum. These sacred teachings were given not as spoken or written, e.g.taught to the mind; but as an experience which ushered through a transformational healing for me and my life.  I knew then that this is my soul’s purpose… to protect this timeframe of the 4 Baskets for the babies that come into my care. Having been a doula up until that point, I knew that was not the way… and so a vision was born that begin the journey I am now on.

The 4 Baskets hold our primal experiences.  These experiences become the foundation upon which the rest of our life will be built. They are the lens through which we perceive every other experience of our lives. Trauma or unresolved events in any one of these baskets can become an energetic “kink” , where we may find  ourselves getting stuck or snagged in our relationships or motivations throughout life. A kink in one of our baskets may create a stagnancy where we find ourselves over  and over  again experiencing an undesirable pattern of behavior. 

In our recent cultural history, the feelings of an unborn child aren’t given much thought or notice, in fact even after birth babies were thought not to have feelings or emotions; unfortunately this ignorance still pervades in conventional realms today.  But the experiences of our lives begin before birth and what happens to us in those sacred moments matter.

Let me give an example…

Let’s think about the 3rd Basket, the birth journey, and imagine what the experience of labor must be like for the baby. In fact, imagine how you experienced the journey that led to your emergence into this world.

Babies are not passengers along for the ride during the birth journey, they are vital, active participants moving and dancing through instinctual patterns, working with the mother’s body and the powerful surges of birth itself.

Were you acknowledged for your role in the process? If not, Are you still seeking acknowledgement today?

This is just one of many possible unresolved moments that often occur in the 4 Baskets. Every disease and disorder of humanity has it’s roots in the 4 Baskets.

In order for us to birth a connected world that is filled with peace, understanding and compassion, we must weave those experiences into the 4 Baskets. It begins with awareness, moves into healing, and finally creation.  I’m here to help guide us through those steps.     Are you ready?

Stay tuned for  next post where we will dive into the experience of the first and second baskets.



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