I want to share this brochure with the world!  It was created by my mentor, Sister MorningStar and the Global Midwifery Council.  It’s birth was in response to a worldview that sees birth, in general, as an emergency…. instead of the normal, gentle emergence of a new being into the world.

I am sharing these brochures at all events I teach and attend, as well as any place that has public health brochures on display. And I encourage you to please print them out using the free download or purchase the durable glossy brochures to share with your community!

This is how I approach it with the public places (think public library) “I have some public health brochures on pregnancy and childbearing created by the Global Midwifery Council. Would you be willing to display these with your other public health information? Thank you!”

I’m also visioning a way to get this information to our maidens….  in the schools?  somehow included into the sex education curriculum? as homeschool program?  for both our young wimyn and young men!  Please feel free to share your thoughts and ideas by commenting below. AND please take these ideas and run with them! We are co-creating the new earth together, sister to sister!


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