On Becoming a Mother

d6b819_6e9f57679bee436a9a317fc2e29303b9In celebration of Mother’s Day, I would like to share with you one of my journal entries from several years ago, where I was reflecting on Becoming a Mother….
“I discovered a new life growing inside me and suddenly the normal everyday thing of ‘having a baby’ seemed miraculous because it was happening to me! I began to truly know and love my body– I felt like a walking sacred temple and everyone who saw me knew it, too.
In labor, I learned the power of trusting in myself and releasing to the ancient inner wisdom, once more questioning authority and seeking out my own answers. Yet I also learned to rely on others, to bring together a circle of support and trust in them as well.
I held my child, looked into his eyes, and in an instant knew what it really means to love– pure, unconditional, no-matter-what, to-the-day-I-die Love. And I learned what Spirit really is, for I was holding Pure Spirit in my arms.
Learning to embrace the unique expression of my spirituality, to embrace and express my divine feminine, was wonderfully freeing– like coming home. And I discovered ways to continue cultivating this energy in my life, in ritual and celebration of the Earth Mother, whom I am a part of. “
Sacredness, Release, Trust, Love…. these gifts have served me well on my mothering path. When we honor the sacred time of “becoming a mother”, we allow the new mama to discover the gifts that she will need on her expanding journey of motherhood, as well.
Welcome to the sacred circle, mama!

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