Lightfoot Birth & Midwifery Services

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“Bringing light to the earth, one baby step at a time!”

Lightfoot Birth and Midwifery Services offers holistic, traditional homebirth midwifery and birth support in the Kansas City, Missouri area with a focus on supporting families in the Northland, St Joseph, Leavenworth, and surrounding areas.

Homebirth offers a woman a great sense of empowerment in all aspects of her care. Surrounded by supportive people of her own choosing in a comfortable and familiar environment, a woman may feel better able to express her natural and instinctual responses to birth. A home birth is less disruptive to family routines and parents can choose how to involve their children in the birth experience. I believe that women are in charge of their bodies and their births, and that the birth journey flows most smoothly when mamas and papas are the main characters with a calm, experienced, vigilant midwife holding space.